RamAir BioStat Microbiostatic Solution

RamAir BioStat Microbiostatic Solution


Currently out of stock.  Please call for alternate sanitizer option.

Fully approved by the EPA, RamAir BioStat Solution is effective against bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew, eliminating odor and providing a long-term antimicrobial barrier. RamAir Biostat dries almost instantly on contact and provides a highly effective dust repellent barrier.

Out of stock


  • 100% EPA approved for use in HVAC duct systems
  • Provides long-term antimicrobial protection & odor elimination
  • Safe to apply, and safe for occupants
  • Forms a highly effective dust repellent barrier
  • Isopropyl alcohol based- dries instantly on contact

Pairs perfectly with RamAir’s SaniJet

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